Charter boat Tigger

Welcome to West Cork Charters (formerly Clonakilty Charters)

Since Autumn 2018 we relocated Tigger to operate from the picturesque west Cork village of Courtmacsherry, which is approximately 15 minutesí drive east of Clonakilty on the Wild Atlantic Way.

The move was necessary due to a massive build-up of sand in Ring Harbour which has made the public pier inaccessible for much of the tide. Cork County Council has committed to carry out its duty in maintaining a safe harbour but having waited several years for action we felt it was now time to relocate and take advantage of the greater tidal access and facilities available at Courtmacsherry.

The angling available is first class, and wildlife along the West Cork coast can be amazing throughout the year. Add to this the improved access to the sea for Tigger and the ability to return to port at any time if the weather changes for the worse, and it was an easy decision both to move and to extend our operating season.

The range of fishing found within close range of Courtmacsherry is superb, with trips producing anything between 6 and 15 different species as a norm and in excess of 20 is possible if anglers are prepared to change methods and use different baits and lures throughout their trip. As a rule mackerel, pollock, cod and ling are usually encountered but several species of wrasse along with whiting, pouting, coalfish, bull huss, conger and many more are often added to the catch.

If you do choose to head offshore to sample the superb shark fishing available within 10 miles of Courtmacsherry, there is a very strong chance of encountering blue sharks and an increasing chance of bringing a porbeagle shark to the boat. Autumn/Winter has also seen giant bluefin tuna staying close inshore for several weeks. As yet however there is no legal fishery for Irish registered boats but this is something that remains under review.

Away from angling we can also offer trips out along the stunning coastline and further offshore to look for whales, dolphins, sunfish and huge basking sharks.There is no guarantee at any time of year that we will spot them, but we will always see a wide variety of birdlife, and as the sea warms up we can expect to see some of Ireland's more unusual and often rare paleagic visitors, so cameras and binoculars are a must if you book Tigger for a wildlife tour.